Pathological Lying

Pathological lying Pathological lying, also known as mythomania and pseudologia fantastica, is the chronic behavior of compulsive or habitual lying. Unlike telling the occasional white lie to avoid hurting someone’s feelings or getting in trouble, a pathological liar seems to lie for no apparent reason. This can make it frustrating or hard to know what to... Continue Reading →

Generational Transformation

Lily and son Julio It was several years ago when I was introduced to Lily. She was at a place in her life where she was beyond ready for healing in her life. She was a faithful church goer, always trying to do the right thing, etc. But she couldn’t get rid of the inner... Continue Reading →

Addictions and Rational Thinking

Rational thought is an important attribute of a functioning human. It is our logic and reasoning that make us stand out from all of God's creation Sadly, addiction can inhibit rational thinking in very detrimental ways. Many people wonder why someone with an addiction can’t just stop drinking or doing drugs. It turns out that... Continue Reading →

Out of Your Hands

Meaghan If it’s out of your hands, it deserves freedom from your mind, too. Throughout my years in recovery, I’ve spent a lot of time learning how to let things go: the relationship that failed, the job I didn’t get, the money I blew on things I didn’t need; the pain, guilt, shame, worthlessness, and... Continue Reading →

Remembering Stillness, Reclaiming Silence

Awkward silence succumbs to comfortable quietness. I love stillness. When I find it and remain there long enough it changes me. When before I had been anxious, I there find peace. When previously confused, I then find clarity. When I enter with discouragement, I leave with hope. I have reaped so many blessings from this... Continue Reading →

If, Then…

One of the basic "laws" of God is very practical and simple... so simple, that even a child can understand it, and decide to abide by it. Are you ready? If .... and Then. What does that mean? Here are a few examples. Isaiah 1: 19 If you are willing and obey, you will eat the... Continue Reading →

Malice, Ignorance and Wisdom

Macice or Ignorance... which comes first? And what's the antidote? SInce the Bible says the heart is desperately wicked, there could easily be an argument that malice comes first. But then, where might ignorance come in? Not knowing and understanding the truth. Therefore we make our own judgements, get hurt, offended, jealous, angry, vengeful, resentful... Continue Reading →

Self Worth

Most people do not realize that you are responsible for your own self worth. What do I mean by this? “As a man believes about himself so he is” If you are still carrying around baggage from your past, not knowing your temperament strengths and weaknesses, keep carrying your baggage around from one relationship, one... Continue Reading →

Expectations II – Expectations vs. Hope

Perhaps you have heard the saying: "Expectations are premeditated resentments." I believe this slogan, which apparently originated in 12-step programs, contains some useful, practical information for all of us about the psychology of expectations. Its wisdom can be derived by acknowledging two psychological facts: First, merely expecting something to happen will not make it happen. Developmental psychologist... Continue Reading →

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