Talking with a client today, he said he heard my friend Tony P. say, “you can’t replace
consistency with intensity.”

It’s not “either or”, it’s “both and”. Just because you are intense, or even passionate about something, doesn’t replace consistency in work on a project, integrity, character and accountability for example.

I also met with an entrepreneur friend last week; we were talking about leadership and training people basically in life and moving forward in the purpose that God has established for us.

We were talking about being “fast acting”… or “long lasting”.  Very similar concepts.  Is that either or or both and?  Same answer… both and.  We need to know when to be fast acting, and plan for the long lasting effects of our efforts over the long term.

Some of the ingredients that we need to accomplish these  concepts, are wisdom, accountability, and discernment.  These are qualities that we need to develop over time.  You can’t speed the maturing process, I have discovered over the last 30 years in leadership. When you try and speed the process, you are prone to be fast acting and short lived, and intense but not consistent.

This is why coaching, mentoring, submission to leadership is so important.  If you try and be something you’re not yet, you will stumble and start building broken patterns in your life that will take you in circles.

As my friend Matt Donofrio said, ” I stopped striving to reach my potential, and started walking in my purpose.”  He needed a paradigm shift brought on by spinning his wheels and getting deeper and deeper into a trench, getting nowhere in his personal life or business.  He was awakened to the truth at the ripe old age of 21, so he can avoid years of striving, and beating his head against the wall in all his intensity. (Which he was doing).  Now he has peace, joy, and contentment; a sense of purpose, knows his God, and his business has grown more than ever.

This is a power point for developing your EIQ.  Pay attention to this one!


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