In the Mean Time

Definition of “In the meantime”
1: during the time before something happens or before a specified period ends…
2: while something else is being done or was being done.

Life is what happens in the mean time; when you’re busy making plans for something else to happen. Or you’re waiting for something to happen.

How much time do we waste “in the mean time?” How many missed opportunities have gone up in smoke waiting for something else to happen?

“When this happens… then! When!?

When that happens then you will be waiting for something else to happen.  You really need to meditate on this if you want to receive the full effect of this reality. From the smallest thing to the biggest thing, if you will pay attention to what you do and don’t do “in the mean time”, you will find a whole new world open up to you.

So many times I have waited for a repair man, or installer to show up, doing only the least important things while I was waiting. If I am getting a new phone or computer, and I am waiting for the now one to arrive, all of a sudden the old one is not as fast or shiny.  I am in the mean time. You get it, and then you see it is quickly on to the next thing.

When I have the money, the time, the this, the that, … then.  So sure I get it… sometimes in fact many times we have to wait for things. I know this.  But I also know the human nature. The “flesh” is never satisfied… it always wants more.  We are told to “let patience have its work in us so that we can be complete – lacking nothing.”  Patience is the key.

So in the waiting is when a lot can happen… IN us. Why?  Because He is in the waiting… in the mean time.  If you are intentional about engaging with God, you can find Him in the waiting.  What’s the first stop?


Patience completes us… according to His word.

Psalm 27 New Living Translation (NLT)

14 Wait patiently for the Lord.
Be brave and courageous.
Yes, wait patiently for the Lord.

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