Judges and Lawyers

“We’re really good judges of other people and then great lawyers for ourselves.”

This is a quote from my good friend and associate Tony Pappalardo.  And how true.

We are great judges of other people, (not so good for ourselves), and great defense lawyers for ourselves, (and not for other people.)

Interesting how this works!  Not only are we judge and jury many times concerning other people when they do something wrong, but are quick to come to our own defense when we do something wrong. 

The piece we don’t realize is that when we judge another, the judgement will come back on us one way or the other.  And all the defense “lawyering up” we can do won’t help. 

Why?  Because we’re guilty.  Only owning up to our judgments will “get us off.” We may try and make a plea bargain, negotiate, even try and pay off the judge with a convincing argument of some kind… but it won’t work, even if we think it will, or we “get past it”,  thinking we got away with it.

The best way out is to admit our guilt, judgement, whatever it is so that God can justify us… not our “lawyer.” God is the just Judge!

bh/ Contributed by M. Donofrio

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