Levels of “Knowing” Growing your EIQ

For years I have said, “I really don’t  know much of anything,” and “the more I know, the less I know.”

And finally, ” as long as my position is that I don’t really know anything, I am then a candidate for everything.”  That’s my favorite part!  I want to remain a perpetual candidate for everything that God has for me in this life.  Always more to be, become, and do for others, and bringing that message to others.

Once you get to know God even a little, you realize how vast He is and I that I can never know all there is to know.  And the further I go, the more I realize how much I do not know.

This prevents pride from entering in.  

Some of the pitfalls to this reality are on the chart illustration above. Knowing that you don’t know is probably the easiest as long as you are humble.  If I don’t know, I don’t know then I can find out.

You might think the “you know that you know” is the best one.  Not so fast.  That’s the easiest place for deception to get in through pride.  Once I believe I know something, especially as a melancholy, I basically close myself off from thinking I need to know more about something because I already “know.” Not good.

If I “don’t know that I know”, I can limit my abilities.

If I ” don’t know that I don’t know”, this can be the most dangerous . The nature of deception is you don’t know you’re deceived. If you don’t realize that you don’t know something and proceed in this or that anyway, you are bound for failure.

I have been to all of these junctures of course. In the Bible is says’ ” let him who thinks he stands watch out, lest he fall.”  Does this mean that we shouldn’t be confident and stand firm?  No not at all.  But if you do… you better “know that you know”, and have it verified by someone other than yourself. Then you can stand firm safely.

If I pridefully think I know, and really don’t know, then there is disaster ahead.

Some pointers on how to avoid any of these pitfalls?

Gain wisdom
Submit to higher authorities
Seek and you will find
Don’t try to impress others
Be ok with being wrong
Admit when you made a mistake
Plan carefully
Know yourself… your strengths and weaknesses.

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