Self- Consciousness, Self-Awareness, Self-Confidence, Self Efficacy

Now most of you know, when it comes to “self-confidence”, that I say that we don’t need self-confidence, we need God-Confidence, or, Godfidence.

That of course is still true.  But I want to focus on a point today that just because we are “self conscious”, it doesn’t mean we have confidence.  In fact, the more self conscious we are, the opposite will tend to be the case.When we are self-conscious, we have a tendency to over focus on ourselves, and usually in a way of insecurity, wondering if we are doing ok, wondering what other people think about me at any given moment or circumstance.

Self-Awareness, is different as it takes on a more positive spin.  It is being more cognizant of how I am functioning, responding, carrying myself, etc.  Usually with an eye on changing problem areas in our personality and temperament realities, so that self, and God confidence can develop.

Self consciousness can also create a ‘morbid introspection” wherein we are overboard in our looking at ourselves usually finding a lot more bad than we do good. One of the reasons for that outcome is that God is the good in us, but we are looking for the inherent good in us and it’s harder to find.  This can lead to performance orientation, trying to get better and better, chasing that carrot and never reaching it.

Keen self awareness comes with knowing why you do the things you do through understanding the weaknesses and strengths of your temperament, living for something bigger than yourself, (God has the right standard), utilizing accountability, healing your brokenness, becoming vulnerable, etc.

The more self-aware you become, the more self, (God), confidence you will have. The more Godfidence you have the more you will be able to walk in your purpose, and fulfill your destiny.

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