Tails and Plates

These two concepts have a lot to do with a lot of the struggles that people deal with.

The tail wagging the dog concept of course is that we may allow the things and circumstances of life, even our own thoughts to take control of our lives.  The image is somewhat frightening as you can imagine a dog being whipped around, banging into the floor and wall repeatedly… that can be us.  Out of control and controlled.

The second image depicts us when we are trying to keep everything in control all the time… keeping the plates spinning all the time, fearing that if one drops, we lose control and all come crashing down.

Can you relate to these images?  If so, realize that control is the grand illusion of life.  It deceivingly promises many things.  Peace being the big one.  “Once I get these things under control, I can relax.”  Destination orientation that lies to us promising us that once we get that last thing under control, we will have some peace.


Once that last thing gets brought into subjection, there’s something else right behind us keeping the “tail wagging the dog”, and the plates spinning all the time wearing you out. This indicates “striving”.  Striving to reach your potential, as opposed to walking in your purpose.

“Control is not peace.  It’s not what it seems.” – Gabriella Wilson (H.E.R.)


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