A Lost Soul Can’t Lead the People

Why is this?
Well, when you look at the two circles above, I believe you can clearly see the difference between leading and managing. But what are the aspects that distinguish the true leader from the rest?

Have Followers
People Focused
Appeal to the Heart

These are the main points.  These attributes reflect a leader who has found their purpose.  They are not merely managing people, they are leading them, because they have a HEART to do so.  Jesus put it this way… the hired people, (managers), don’t care about the sheep, but the shepherds love the sheep.”

With the leaders I work with and try to infuse these values into, I ask them frequently… “How are you loving your people?”

If we are not loving people we are not genuinely leading them.  What does that love look like? Basically, it looks like you want the people you lead to go farther than you could ever go, and become everything they are created to be. If you can do that, you are a true leader. Why?

A lost soul can’t (truly) lead people.

 A “found” soul will truly lead, because they don’t “need” to be somebody.  They don’t care about their ego.  They care more about you.


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