Are you Intentionally Unpacking Your Baggage? Or are you packing more in?

Somehow people think many times that the emotional damage/baggage that we have packed up along life’s journey will just somehow go away.  Like it won’t have any effect on me as I go into relationships, or even at our workplace relationships.

But it will always show up somewhere.  Childhood scripts written on the heart will manifest in life situations, for example, when we get married.  The lack of support, the dysfunction we lived in in our childhood, have gotten into our  emotional and even spiritual bloodstream, and can wreak havoc in our marriage relationships.

Unless we unpack that baggage through forgiveness, and releasing resentments and judgements towards other people, we can drag this baggage into current relationships, and on top of that, we will add even more baggage, (additional dysfunction), into our bags, (our hearts and minds).

Make the effort to unpack your baggage and prevent adding more as you move along life’s journey.


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  1. unveiling the resentment I have been holding in my heart for years and letting it go, giving it to God, and releasing it was very healing for me….it is something that has given me a true heart, like I received a heart transplant, I believe that when we bring our childhood experiences, resentments, worries, doubts and fears to the surface, we realize they were planted on un-godly soil, they were planted as lies that we let flourish over the true that is God’s word.

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