Customize Your Life

Many of you are very familiar with this term!

My friends Tony and Frances Pappalardo have called their business “Customize Your Life.”  And you have also heard me say at event, “If you want to customize your life, you better know who you are”, or you’re likely to try and be someone else.

The reason?  If we don’t know who we genuinely are, many times we wind up emulating someone we admire. While all the while, we may not see that God has already given ME the “customized” uniqueness and potential to be and become everything that I was meant to be.

So to customize your life, it works better when you get in touch with your genuine authentic self. Then all the custom features that are in you, can come to the surface so that you can begin to walk in the purpose you were designed for.

Why?  How?

Because when you work through your brokenness and baggage, the genuine you can emerge and you realize you have built-in customization that will allow you to move into all that God has planned for you and to be able to impact and change the world around you.

With their latest collaboration, EISolutions, the help is available to navigate that pathway to Emotional health, Spiritual health, and the leadership training that will give you the opportunity for the outworking of the inside work that you can do, to bring that customizing work into your life, and then into the lives of others. Their hearts are to provide people with the best opportunity to become that greatest expression of who they are, and become  world changers.


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