By the Book

Before you get offended or think I am being legalistic…

Let me explain what I mean.  While none of us is perfect, there are right ways to do things, and wrong ways to do things.  We need to learn the right way, and it can’t be arbitrary.  That’s why we have a standard by which we can judge all things against.

God knows we are not going to be perfect, and there is plenty of grace for us when we do our best, with right motivations, and a clean conscience. The problem comes when we do things to “get over”, at the expense of other people, to skirt laws that are in place, things that compromise character, integrity, morality.

When we do not, if we have any connection with God at all, we would hopefully be convicted, (feel bad, sorrowful, grieved, etc), that we have done something along these lines.  Maybe we did things out of impulse, or fear, or retaliation, etc.

If we do not make these things right one way or the other, damage it likely to continue on either side or both sides of an issue. We may continue to justify our actions, harden our hearts, or continue in patterns of compromised behaviors that continue to bring issues into our lives.

God invites us to “live by the book”.  Living with a clean conscience, not burdened with guilt or shame, according to His Word, from the heart… not just by rules and regulations, but from the heart. We can ask God to give us the grace to do so, as we need His grace to live the way He intended.

If there are issues in your life that are causing you internal guilt, grief, shame, and you haven’t confessed this to someone and God, may I suggest you do so.  God want’s to set you free and have you enjoy a clear conscience, and help you change your behavior and bring transformation as you move forward.

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