Friends are from the Lord

There are precious few long time friends that I have the blessing to have known for nearly 30 years.  The Melillo Family is one of them.

Ray and Joanne and Steph and I met during our years at New York City Relief, and have been through thick and thin with ourselves and our children.  When I think of words like faithful, authentic, genuine, generous, loving, selfless, I think of these people.

Friends are from God, and true friends are friends forever. Few have been this type of friend in our lives.  Literally only a handful.  

Not only Ray and Joanne, but there three sons as well have joined their ranks.  They are equally as precious.  Not only that, but I also have the privilege, and I mean privilege, of marrying these young men to their lovely brides.

I am so grateful to share life with this family that God has given us. Thank you God for demonstrating and manifesting your love through this family to us for so many years. Thank you for forever friends.


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