How to Find Peace

One of the principals of God that I try to present to just about everyone who comes to me for help, in any way, is that; 

we, as humans, (God’s children). want God to do things for us, give us things, (usually what we want), fix things, make us feel better, and on and on.  Most of the time, we are not asking God for a deeper, more genuine relationship with Him.  He is only useful to me if He is doing what I need or want Him to do at any given situation… and if He doesn’t appear to answer the way we want, and when we want, we get disillusioned, angry, or more.

So the way He designed things, is for us to put Him first (Matthew 6:33, Jeremiah 29:11), and through Faith we trust that He will answer according to His will.   Ahhhh… there it is… “His” will.  Arggghhh.  His will again?!  What about what I want!?!?

His is best.  That’s why he said, “If you ask ANYTHING in My Name, ACCORDING TO MY WILL, I will give it to you.” Many of us skip over that part, because we just want Him to give me what I want.  But He has the best.  Even my good stuff can’t compete with BEST.  Good is always the enemy of BEST.  And when we know we want the best that He has for us, and trust that, we are much more likely to find PEACE.

The peace of God that guards my heart and mind as I trust in Him and His sovereign will in my life. Living your own way puts all the burden on you, and you must bear all the weight.  Why not let Him have his way so you can experience BEST and PEACE.


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