Purpose Driven Entrepreneurship – Part 2

Understanding that you have purpose is key to the idea of purpose driven entrepreneurship. 

Your purpose can be discovered as you press in to allowing yourself to examine the sum of your life up to this point,  You may have actually done nothing of note to this point so you wonder, “how can I find purpose in that?”

Well… let me give you an example.  Take myself for instance.  My first entrepreneurial venture, (after having been a professional drunk for 15 years), was in the automotive industry.  I didn’t want to work for someone and I always had an interest in cool cars, and had been an automotive painter and had done restorations even in my drunken years.

I started a high end auto detailing business in an expensive area of central NJ where I knew people would pay high end prices.  All I had was desire, interest, background, some experience, and that was about it.  

In my case, God had other intentions, so even though I did well, I sold the business in 2 years to a man who hired me to run it for 2 more years for more money than I was making and without the headaches of ownership.  During this time, I had gotten divorced and a lot of life changes happened in which my heart was moved in a different direction.

I sold everything to be a missionary in NYC working with the poor and addicted and homeless in NYC.  Talk about an entrepreneurial venture!  Here’s what I had to do this… God’s leading, experience with drugs and alcohol, a heart to serve and raise others up, some business experience… thats it, no money.

While there, which was a total of 27 years, I went back to school, earned my degrees in Christian counseling, and learned leadership in multi faceted ways.  I was able to train thousands of volunteers, work with hundreds of churches and organizations, all equipping me for the next phase of my life of having my own counseling practice, and being used to bring substantive leadership training to many.  I am also in the midst of writing my first book.

I had no plans for any of this.  What I had was faith, willingness to step out and believe and trust God with my life and follow my heart to where I believed God was leading me. I learned submission, accountability, wisdom, love for people and God.

All of this is to say that I didn’t;t realize I actually was living in an entrepreneurial fashion…. but I was. When I was preparing to move California, I remember having a conversation wit ha my good friend Tony P.  He said… “What are you going to do?”  I said I didn’t know.  He said ” I couldn’t do that”.  I said, you could if you knew God was directing you to.

As it turned out, my practice has quadrupled in size, reach and effectiveness.  The leadership training aspect has added a complete new dimension to my work.  

So today’s lesson is that we me be or feel distinctly unqualified, but if we make ourselves available to what God has for us, as we read in Jeremiah 29 yesterday, He can do much more than you ever would imagine in your life.  

Discover: faith, trust, surrender, accountability, freedom to become all God has designed you to be.


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