Purpose Driven Entrepreneurship – Part 5

Habakkuk 2:2
“Write the vision down and make it plain, so that those who read it can run with it.”

That’s right… vision is a biblical truth.  As we have learned, God has a calling, plan for our lives, and we need vision to carry it out. Those of us who understand this are basically charged with the responsibility to gain the Vision, form and shape it, and then articulate it to people so they can run with it.

That is a purpose driven entrepreneur, if they are hearing the vision properly.  So how do we do that.  We do that by actively seeking God for His plan.  This can happen in business, ministry, and in your personal life.  In fact they will converge.

Fo example, as I have shared, 30 years ago God gave me a vision to be a missionary, and my past experience was connected to New York City Relief.  He sent me to a retreat as I sought Him where I heard about NYCR.  The two visions converged.

If you are involved in a business because you were drawn to it for a particular reason, your vision likely has converged with the greater vision that you have been exposed to.  The leaders of that business should make the vision clear so you can run with it.

If this vision has a purpose that God endorses attached to it, the vision will cause the ones involved to prosper, as God will glorify Himself through it.  It’s not really complicated, the hard part is selfishness, pride, fears, insecurities and other things that rob us from achieving all that God has for us.

My point in tonights writing is that when we have “caught” the vision, we are called to offer it others to run with it with us.  It is our responsibility to do so!  If it’s a business, it’s not about the possible financial success, it’s the very lives of those involved.

When we lead with a vision to serve everyone involved in bring the vision to pass, we have a heart to raise everyone else up to be greater than we could ever attain.That’s called servant leadership.  Even Jesus said, ” I didn’t come to be served, but to serve.”

The greater vision belongs to God, and He uses us to carry out His purposes in the earth, whether in business, or ministry.


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