While working with a client today, he said a profound statement that I believe many of us can benefit from.  He said, “just because you surrender, it doesn’t mean that everything will come to you automatically.”

Many times when we help people to understand the need to surrender their lives to God.  Usually because they have been trying to control their universe and it brings them to a place of futility, more striving, emptiness, etc.

We may say, let go and let God as well.  Letting go unties God’s hands and allows him to bless us, with the things that will bring fulfillment, joy, contentment, etc.  But this doesn’t mean that when we let go and surrender that everything just turns around on a dime and things just start coming to me.

No… it means these things are now available to me to move in to, and enjoy. It means I am now a candidate to receive. Walking in the freedom of control is a process and practice and transformation over time. God is not obligated to give us anything. However He does bless obedience.


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