Too Blessed to be Stressed

Ahhhh.  getting ready to go to the airport…Didn’t check the email and found out the flight is delayed till 5 am tomorrow.  Yay!  Going to New York to do a wedding, and the rehearsal is tomorrow. Well… what are you gonna do?  No other flights because it’s weather related.

Choices; get stressed, angry, freaked out… or… hmmmm, maybe God actually is in control and one thing for sure, cannot control these circumstances.

So I started to remind myself … I am so blessed… no problem!  Lots and lots of people would love to have my problems. This is not a problem! I am waaaaayyyyy to blessed to be stressed!

I thank God for His peace that passes understanding that guards my heart and mind!

(Don’t worry guys, I will be there in time for the wedding!)


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