Your Baggage

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There is an important step in our process of helping people in their emotional and spiritual journeys.  To Journey well you need to know your temperament, (your strengths, weakness, and propensities, why you do what you do the way you do).  You need to find value and purpose, a spiritual foundation.  AND, you need to get rid of the emotional baggage you have carried all of your life… or you will not be able to mature, grow, and have healthy or prosperous relationships in your personal and vocational life.

Oh, you may for a while, you can cope and hope, wear your false self, cover up, pretend, earn more money, gain more power, and be stalked every moment by the underlying sense of aloneness.

Not grieving childhood trauma, divorce, death, rejections of all kinds, broken relationships, failures, addictions. All sorts of traumatic childhood experiences, will keep you from your “passage” in your journey to a healthy, genuine prosperous life.

Without dealing with your (baggage), you are bound to not moving forward in a genuine way.  But like yesterday’s daily, making your mess into your message, unpacking your baggage and dealing with it properly (with help), through forgiveness, releasing of judgements, seeking forgiveness, grieving, etc. , can be a huge part of your passage into new patterns of healthy relationships, on every level.

Starting with yourself, knowing who God made you to be, shedding your false self, dropping your walls, and allowing God to transform your failures and brokenness into victories that lead your forward into using those long packed away items, to be your passage into moving genuinely forward in your life.


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