Your Mess

one way or the other… that’s not the issue.  The issue is, will we allow God to make our mess our message to share with the world around us?

Here are some options that we might choose to NOT allow this to happen. Hide behind our false self.
Live in Denial
Use pride to hide and deflect
Lie, cover up
Cope and hope
Anger, blame shift, rage
Drink, do drugs
Have an affair
Get a divorce
Get a better car, bigger house
Take more vacations
Get a new wife/husband
Play victim

And more…

Why not just let God have your screwed up life in whatever form that might be, and transform your mess into your message.  There is not one area of my life that is now a strength that was not previously a weakness. This doesn’t mean I am perfect an any of there areas, but I have learned how to or am learning how to not let them keep me a mess.

Divorce / Marriage
Crappy childhood
Thinking problems
Hard hearted
Failed parenting

And much more.  God has turned them all into my message to help otters know it’s possible to change and find victory for my own life and the lives of as many others that I can reach. He will do that same in you if you let Him.

God is a redeeming God.


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