One issue I find in just about everyone I work with is inconsistency.  People have a real hard time with disciplines that will get them where they desire to go.  Many times they are more consistent in the things that do not get them where they want to go.

For example, they will consistently allow their thoughts and feelings and circumstances to dictate their current reality.

They will consistently make bad choices.

They will consistently NOT do the things they would need to do in order to address and turn around the patterns in their lives that cause them problems.

In order to get off the hamster wheel of inconsistency and “cycling” through wrong and negative patterns, we will need to DECIDE and CHOOSE to do otherwise.  It has always amazed me how often people believe they are simply victims of circumstance.  “It just happens that way all the time.”  Why me?”

As if they had no part in the way things have turned out. I can choose what I am going to do and not do. I can choose to respond to life circumstances and not react.  I can choose to take responsibility.  I can choose discipline that will mature my emotional and spiritual life.  I can choose to believe the Truth and I can choose to believe lies.

If I consistently choose things that are True, I will find that my life will begin to work.  The Truth makes me free to make these 
choices in a consistent manner… a discipline that brings ongoing change, maturing, and new patterns that can bring health into my relationships, workplace, marriages and in every area.

Stop being a victim of circumstance.  Inconsistency is blinding and we act as if we have no choice.  It’s also a matter of priority.  Whatever I assign value to will get my attention consistently.  I am quite sure you are consistent in looking at your phone all day long to check for messages, emails, etc. You will be consistent in your business, whatever you assign value to.

How consistent is your devotional life?  Quality time with your spouse or significant other? Spending time with your kids? And any number of things that could potentially bring positive change in your life if you chose to be consistent in them.


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