Dream or Vision?

In Terms of Comparison…

There is a difference between having a “dream” for your life, and having genuine “vision” for your life.

What is the difference?

I will illustrate trough another conversation I had with someone yesterday.  I had mentioned Matt’s comment about not striving to reach his potential, but rather, striving to walk in his purpose.

As we talked, he mentioned that, especially through the evidence of his lifestyle previously… if he hadn’t entered into “the process*” of change with his wife, and started to deal with the brokenness and dysfunction of his life and marriage, that the “dreams” that they had for their lives would have remained just that … a dream. Furthermore, he easily could have returned to his old barstool to continue to “dream”.

But now that they have begun the process*,  starting with their personal responsibility, allowing God into their lives, and then their marriage, then business… their dreams have birthed genuine “vision”, which is now beginning to manifest in them walking out their purpose.

They are now  realizing prosperity in their current business, and are transferring their “vision” into their other business venture, now that they see their purpose and are walking in it.  


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