Faith and Business (And Other Things)

The “church”, (organized or corporate-ized religion), has a knack for depreciating the vocations of the congregants. Well, perhaps not all vocations. The church routinely blesses vocations like the helping professions and education, especially if they are in the not-for-profit realm. But the church is often ambivalent when it comes to understanding and blessing the vocations of those folks whose business is, well, business. I find this troubling, since the overwhelming majority of people of faith I know are working in the business world  making a living.

The problem the “church” has with business has as much to do with an ignorance of economics as a flawed theology of vocation. 

 Of course, the division between “sacred” and “secular” is at the root of many of the problems the church historically has had with thinking “spiritually” about business. “Few churches appreciate their business people as windows on the world, and fewer still provide business people with opportunities to discuss in depth the integration of business and Christian values.” 

Source – M. Jinkins/AdaptedBH

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