Healing Developmental Trauma

Developmental Trauma comes in many forms.  We have explored many examples in previous posts. Parental Inversion, divorce, abuses, sexual trauma, neglect, rejections, abandonment and more, are just some of the areas that affect people as the grow and attempt to navigate life as adults later on.

This causes a multitude of areas of brokenness that will be present as we move on in life.  The problem is, most of the time people do not set out to heal this trauma.  We instead discover coping mechanisms, things we do to cover up the insecurities and dysfunction caused by this developmental trauma; many times leading to addictions that started off as anesthesia to numb the pain. The addictions then layer on top of existing issues and compound existing issues.

Left unhealed, we will carry this brokenness from generation to generation, (known as generational transfer.) This can go on for generations. When we are confronted with our dysfunction, and find that we cannot have sustained relationships that work, we will do well to seek out a professional who can help you to discover the areas of trauma, and help lead you through a journey of healing.

In this way you can find the freedom to “be”, and “become” who you are genuinely made to be.  Free to Be.


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