Leading from the Inside Out

Continuing the journey of
inside – out leadership concepts.

We continue our expedition through discovery of the qualities of great leaders who are great people first.  And what makes them great?  Their truth, authenticity, courage, a clear sense of vision and purpose through God’s movement in their lives.  Take the following quotes and plug them in to your own life journey.

“What is foundational to the most effective, results-producing leaders? What supports their various competencies or styles on the surface?” Three patterns became clear:

  • Courage and Authenticity: Having the courage to authentically be our whole selves, complete with strengths, vulnerabilities, and differences; having the courage to authentically show up with openness and integrity.
  • Influence: Purpose-driven communication that inspires self and others to do what is genuinely important and meaningful for the long term.
  • Value Creation: Serving multiple constituencies—self, team, organization, family, community, and world—to sustain enduring performance and contribution. 

Leadership is courageous, authentic influence that creates enduring value. 

Leadership from the Inside Out is about our ongoing journey to discover and develop our purposeful inner capabilities to make a more positive contribution to the world around us. 

Mastery of Leadership from the Inside Out is not merely a function of achieving things. It is principally about achieving one thing—consciously and courageously making a bigger difference by fully applying our potential. 

As the person grows, the leader grows. The missing element in most leadership development programs is actually the “Master Competency” of growing the whole person to grow the whole leader. Knowing and becoming your genuine self. Leaders who courageously work on authenticity—alignment of their real values and their actions—are more energetic, trust-inspiring, resilient, influential, and interpersonally connected. 

Helping leaders move from transactive management focused on speed, accuracy, and performance to transformative leadership, which fosters significance, authenticity, and purpose, greatly accelerates the agile leadership needed today. 

Leadership from the Inside Out involves clarifying our inner identity, purpose, and vision so that our lives thereafter are dedicated to a more conscious, intentional manner of living and leading. 

Self-aware leaders have the strong, authentic foundation on which to build sustainable performance. 

We all behave in perfect alignment with our current level of emotional, psychological, and spiritual evolution. All our actions and relationships, as well as the quality and power of our leadership, accurately express the person we have become. Therefore, we conclude that we are “authentic,” because we are doing the best we can with the information, experience, competencies, and traits that we have at this time. 

There is a big catch, however. While we are authentic to our current state of development, we are inauthentic to our potential state of development.

Another prominent feature of highly authentic individuals is openness. Whether they come to authenticity naturally or work hard to attain it, the most real, genuine, sincere leaders tend to have the courage to be open about both their capabilities and their vulnerabilities. 

Level 5 leaders—authentic leaders—see their purpose beyond their limited selves as passionate instruments of service and contribution. 

Adapted from Leading From the Inside Out – Cashman/BH

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