Peace in the Process

How can we have peace in the process of transformation?

God longs for us to have peace in the good and bad times because he remains faithful and good, always. He longs for us to be so founded in him that virtually anything and everything that can happen can’t shake us. Even if things momentarily shake our hearts and confidence, the peace will return as we reconnect our hearts to Him.

Circumstances begin to rob us of our peace the minute we choose to live as if God isn’t with us. Trials and difficulties will become all-consuming if we allow them to.  But we are never alone. 

You will only live with peace in this life to the level that you live out of the union you have with God. In every situation, God is with you, ready and willing to lead you, empower you, sustain you, and fill you with peace in response to your trust and faith.

The peace of God transcends anything we will experience on this earth. If we place our lives in the capable hands of God, we can trust that his perfect, pleasing plans will be done in our lives.

The process of transformation is difficult, but it is a good one.  The pain of dealing with broken issues of the past, the unforgiveness and bitterness in our hearts, are released as we surrender these things to God and allow Him to heal our hearts.

There is peace in the process, and peace in surrender.


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