What Are You Striving for?

I was talking today

with a young, 21 year old man.  We were talking bout how he has been walking in such a transformation in such a short time of us meeting together. One of the most powerful observations he had was that he used to strive to “reach his potential”.  Now he strives “to walk in his purpose.

My response was … wow!  Here’s a guy, 21 years old and until a very, very short time ago had no idea of such a reality.  He also had no genuine connection to God either.  ( Which is where purpose is born.).

In this short period of time, his life has turned completely around on virtually every level.  So much so that I have asked him to share at an upcoming event. That event is titled “Purpose Driven Entrepreneurial Leadership.”

This is the kind of transformation that is available to us all.  Matt was willing to do anything and everything to get things right in his life, walking through the process that we use to help hundreds in the same way to discover their purpose in life.  If we are willing to deal with our broken past, unforgiveness, and reconcile all the things we have done in our lives so that God can turn them around for the good.

Then, like in Matt’s life, even the bad stuff we have done can be redeemed and used for the good, even to be able to help others, which by the way, is a big part of Matt’s purpose… to help others find their purpose as well.


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