Without Vision

“Where there is no vision, the people perish” — Proverbs 29:18

The Hebrew word paw-rah’ means “to perish”. Paw-rah’ was the word used in a biblical proverb where a woman’s hair was let flow out of its covering (hairband). Unconstrained in the wind her hair is directionless and blown in all directions.

Worldwide, only 13% of employees working for any organization are engaged, which means 87% are not involved in, enthusiastic about or committed to their work.

Companies with engaged employees outperform their peers by 200%.

Productivity improves by 20-25% in organizations with connected employees.

There are many reasons for disengaged employees from poor management, to not being challenged enough. An extremely common problem is a lack of vision. People do not articulate this, but these are the issues which underly dissatisfaction at work.

What is our cause?

What do we believe in?

Why do we do what we do?

Self Actualization in Work.

Society has reached a stage where more people are dying from abundance than from lack. Obesity and obesity-related illnesses kill more people than starvation. People are at a point where their basic needs have been met and well beyond.

We now spend more money on experiences than “stuff”. We want to understand more about ourselves and unlock our purpose. We want to stand for something and make a difference in the world. 

In most organizations, if you were to ask a sample of people from different parts of the organization which direction they are going, they would all point in different directions. This problem is exacerbated in bigger organizations,  especially those with multiple departments (silos). The problem is even more acute if there are multiple plants or sites nationally or globally.

In companies without a vision people come to work, they do stuff all day, they meet, they go home. In sports teams without a vision, people come to training, they train, the go home. In life, people without a vision, do stuff, go home and drift aimlessly in the winds of life through to death.

Many people are desperately unhappy in their jobs.  Unengaged employees are essentially checked out. They’re sleepwalking through their workday putting time — but not energy or passion — into their work.

When this happens we find ways to mask an unhappy reality, we anesthetize ourselves from reality at night, and we sleepwalk by day.

When we do that, we miss the opportunity to make a difference and we let the world take shape around us, rather than play a hand in shaping the World.

A clear vision brings focus and direction. It binds those involved in any process together, like the band would bind the hair in the windA clear vision.

If people are not focussed on a common goal and are all doing their own thing because of a lack of clarity of vision, you have a tough time leading people to the “promised land” of the vision you are presenting.

Habakkuk 2:2 “Write the vision down plainly, so people can run with it.”

Aidan McCullen – Adapted/BH

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