I love getting inspired by the friends that I talk to every day.. Today, I was chatting with my friend Eddy.  We were talking about communication.

His comment on the subject was; ” communication isn’t  just about what’s being said, but what’s being understood.”

Now I know we all kind of know that, but it hit me.  Send and receive. Transmitters and receivers.  And all too often, the signals pick up distortion from transmission to reception. We talked about several aspects that cause the transmission errors.

On the “sending” side, we might be codependent for example, and not say what we really mean for fear of how the receiver is going to respond.  Or, conversely, we may be very direct, and the receiver has a lot of baggage or is a Supine, and perceives certain messages as criticism or dissaproval.

In relationships in particular, it is of utmost importance that a safe place be established so that these distorted signals can be talked about in a pro-active way so that the mis-communication can be understood properly without the “baggage interference”.

This requires authenticity, genuineness, vulnerability, courage, and love.   I have previously posted a self assessment test to determine your ability to be authentic in relationships.  If you would like a copy please send me an to email at


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