Now – A New Creation – Final Installment With Shannon

A New Creation – Shannon 
A Final Word on her Story

Shannons story has been compelling. The past few days of her testimony have gripped our hearts and I have heard comments from several of you today. The best part is who Shannon is becoming by God’s Grace. Her journey through all the pain and dysfunction she has endured, is now her testimony of grace.

“I grew up Roman Catholic, but never had a relationship with God and ended up resenting the church. I had a very bad taste in mouth from all the wrong-doings by religious officials and even though I did believe in God, I never felt Him in my life and was mad at Him for all the bad things in my life.

My victim mentality even went into my relationship with God. As I had more sessions with Bill, I learned about the true God. I never knew that praying and speaking with God was necessary for me to feel the relationship and connection with Him. Yes, God is always present in our lives, but I started to learn that He wants us to have a relationship with him, it is not forced but I do think I was given a few wake up calls.

It wasn’t until I was hospitalized with pneumonia as a 25 year old that I truly had my break through to Him. It’s funny how when we are sick we feel instinctively to pray and ask for help. When I was sick in the hospital I found out that all the drugs I had been on, combined with the way I partied, could have killed me. From those days on I realized that God has kept me here for a reason and my purpose is greater than I realized. ( Shannon actually kept an appointment with me from the hospital!  That’s how committed she is to this process.)

I started asking Him questions: asking to have a relationship with Him, asking Him to show me the way, asking him to give me peace, and asking HIm to unburden my heart. Bill told me that the reason Jesus died was to show us that we didn’t have to carry our sins and burdens, He died for us so that we didn’t have to do that.

I finally gave everything to God. I gave Him my anxieties, my struggles, and my pains. I laid them at His feet and relinquished control-I couldn’t do it without Him anymore. When I finally stopped carrying the weight of the world’s problems in my heart and mind, I felt freer and closer to God. In developing this new relationship with God I gained respect, appreciation, and gratitude for Him.

I felt more connected with the world He created and felt comfortable to go to Him with my struggles. From then, I started to find my true self, started seeing my family’s problems as things to go to Him with, and my emotions were more under control because wasn’t carrying everything with me anymore. God has things under control. He has a plan. I am not God. I do not have all the answers. I am not in control.

And after realizing that, I became free to be me. “

Thank you Shannon for sharing your story with all of us.


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