Respect – With Luis & Jackie Moreta

While talking with my friend Luis Moreta today, we were discussing ways in which we can continue to help the leadership grow and mature.  One of the observations he had was this, “people want to be respected, but they don’t wan’t to earn respect.”

Such a simple observation, but very profound in attempting to raise up leaders who are humble, and servant oriented. The key to “respect” is that to get it, you give it.  If you are one who extends respect, it shows humility, a desire to see others be honored, and lifted up.

It all goes along with the mandate of Jesus in the Bible…”If you want to be first, make yourself the last.” Jesus didn’t come to be served, but to serve. “He resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” And… “pride comes before destruction, and a conceited spirit before a fall.”

Thirty years ago I learned my purpose in the world… to raise others up to become more than I could ever attain.

When you humbly serve, people respect you.  If you think you’re all that, people will not respect you. If you do not extend respect and honor, you will likely not be honored and respected.

I have seen plenty of people in this position. Narcissistic leaders losing it all. This is no joke.

I so appreciated my talk with Luis today.  I have enjoyed meeting with him for several years now  and have watched his own growth. He and Jackie are becoming more and more, true leaders who genuinely earn respect and honor.  They certainly have earned mine.


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