Generational Trauma

Generational Trauma – Generational Transfer

In our work in helping people in all areas of their lives, one of the areas people do not understand, and have a hard time in many cases even accepting, is that they are carrying trauma from their parents, or even grandparents.

The devastating effects of repeated patterns of divorce, addiction, depression, anger, and almost any dysfunctional behavior can be seen in current relationships. When people come for counseling or coaching in their relationships, we present temperament as a first step to uncovering a persons propensities. The next steps of journaling through issues of the past, (our baggage), begins to reveal patterns in many cases that go back generations. Divorce is a big one, as well as addictions.

Working through issues of forgiveness and releasing judgements is one of the most effective ways to accomplish breaking generational patterns that have carried over into our current lives.

Recently, I posted Shannon’s testimony. If you go back and read through them, you will see the generational transfer directly to Shannon. In all the work we did together, as she articulated, she has become able to break through patterns in the process. This is directly affecting her own relationship and will help ensure that she doesn’t carry the same patterns into her own family.

AT EI Solutions, we offer coaching that can reveal such patterns and more, as well as deal with the layered problems we have acquired along the way; addictive patterns, dysfunction in relationships, literally any area of childhood trauma, developmental trauma, etc. We include cognitive care as well as a spiritual component.

If you are struggling in your life in any area, things usually don’t just go away. Stop “coping and hoping”, and get pro-active in your own self-care.

There is help available.


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