The Thought Life

The Thought Life.

I do many posts on the thought life. Why? Because we are taught, “As a man thinks (or, believes), in his heart, (the deepest place in us), so he is, Very powerful. Was a Melancholy, ( when I didn’t know any of this), I always felt like I was incompetent, the outsider, the one who didn’t get it, socially dysfunctional, clumsy and real bad in relationships. I used to say, after I grew out of that old season, “I don’t have relationships, I just take hostages.”

After I had moved out of that dark season of my life, compounded with all my childhood trauma, alcohol and drug addiction, and massive dysfunctionality, I was able to see how I had been living, but more importantly, discover who I actually was and start to live in a healthy way.

How? The most important factor, outside of getting to know God for myself so I had a baseline identity and value, was taking my thoughts captive to the Truth. (God outlines His truth in His word). I am not talking about religion. I am talking about Truth. For example, I am told I can do all things through God who empowers me to do so. My thoughts may say , “oh, you can’t do that… you’ve never been able to do that.” I used to believe all of those lies and limit myself and stunt my growth.

I started to take my thoughts captive to the Truth. Wait… I CAN do it! When I went back to school after the first day, my wife asked me how I di. I said, ” I don’t know, I don’t think I’ll be able to do this, I’ve always been a lousy student.” She immediately said, ” NO! You USED to be a lousy student… now you’re an EXCELLENT student! I believed her and God, disciplined my thoughts to believe the truth, graduated with honors. And yes it’s true, I used to be a really bad student.

All this acquired through being transformed by renewing my mind. AT EIS, through our coaching models that include cognitive therapy, we can help you too believe the truth, that can set you free to BE the real you.


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