Sometimes our receptors are off. Sometimes our receptors are interfered with . Sometimes our receptors are broken due to faulty beliefs about ourselves, others, life, God.

“As a man thinks, or believes in his heart, so he is.” A powerful scripture.

So lets say we have a broken past, that continues to speak to our now. We have always been told we were not good enough. Not smart enough. Not anything enough. We grow into adulthood with a childhood script that tells us whatever was written on our hearts at an earlier time, or perhaps through another type of traumatic event, we lost hope or a correct view of life, God, ourselves.

Receptors broken.

Thankfully, we are given way to correct or fix the broken receptors in our minds and hearts. We can take our thoughts captive, and be transformed by renewing our minds. This is just one place where “science”, psychology, and God, (spiritual Truth and spiritual laws), all converge. Much of the time, people separate these life realities, and even think they are opposed.

I have found in my work over many years, that everything has it’s place. For example, you have seen me post about REBT, cognitive therapy. Simply a clinical, psychological tool to help us take our thoughts captive. In the Bible, we are told that all things were made by Him and for Him… psychology is included in ALL things… we just need to use it properly.

If we let Him, he can heal our broken receptors through forgiveness, releasing of judgements, taking our thoughts captive. Then the messages that go through our minds and hearts can be received in a more true, healthy, and clear way. This creates stronger self awareness, and gives us a foundational identity, that give us healthy “receptors.”


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