Are You a Passive Content Consumer?

OK… So I was talking with a young man and sharing about several areas of his life that he has over time, begun to grow in. Largely because he has begun to pay attention to what “content”, in terms of advice, information, etc. comes his way. He said, ” I don’t want to be a passive, content consumer”, just taking the information or counsel in, and not doing anything about it. He told me Pastor Mike was the one he heard that from about a year ago. Ahhh yes… my friend Mike Signorelli… one of the best at coining phrases like that that hold powerful truth! I called him to ask about his thoughts on this. He said, “it’s like eating food to just eat, instead of eating right to nourish your body, intentionally.”

Wow! While I certainly know that lot’s and lot’s of people do this, ( scripture would say: “Don’t just be ‘hearers’ of the word, but be effective ‘doers’ of the word… otherwise you are fooling yourself.)

How easy it is to stay at “the lowest common denominator” of our life experience. There is another term; ” tolerable recovery.” I have had plenty of people come to counseling and get to a place of tolerable recovery, meaning they have come to a place that is better than it was, but not as good as it could be. Something prevents them from going all the way to true life change… it may be fear of not going deep and actually dealing with their past and forgiving, like the Supine; or maybe like the Phlegmatic that doesn’t want to invest the energy, or the Choleric who thinks they can just do it anyway. One way or the other, they stay at the place of “perceived comfort” and become “passive content consumers.”

Fortunately, alot of these people are finally coming back after 3,4,5 years and now are ready to “go all the way” and do the necessary work to get to lasting victory and actual life transformation.

So today’s take away… don’t just be a “hearer”, but be a “doer”, and stop fooling yourself! Consume, digest and let the content you receive do its work inside you and be a catalyst for genuine, lasting change.


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