Triggers (Part 2)

Growing Through Triggers

If you stop and think about it, the above statements are completely true… truer than we would necessarily like to admit. Don’t forget, it’s us who get triggered! That means, there is still something alive in me that get’s triggered. That ‘something” can be recent in current situations and relationships, or it can be things still in us that go all the way back to our childhood.

If we don’t allow the triggers to expose what those things are and take the opportunity to forgive someone who may need to be forgiven, deal with whatever happened, (that I myself may well be responsible for), and thereby disarm the triggers, we remain a perpetual victim whenever these triggers get pulled.

But it goes beyond that. Those unhealed issues in us are perpetually defining us in our everyday lives. They are present… ever present until we deal with them. Take the Supine or Melancholy in particular into consideration. Negative self perceptions reinforced by needs not being met by parents growing up, as well as rejections that have happened along the way, have given a false identity that the person perceives themselves to be as they get older.

” As a man thinks, or believes, in his heart, so is he.” This is a powerful and very practical ad oh so real truth that we need to pay attention to. This can carry through to all of adulthood if we don’t allow God to give us the identity He always intended. We are all broken… He wants us healed and free to be, and to become.

So, those triggered areas in our lives are actually our friends, pointing directly to the broken areas that need healing, helping us to be free to be… and become.


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