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It would be a mistake to think that people like me, who write blog posts every day, must have it all together and are “complete”, “done” doing the work. The reality is, while I have been around a while, been through multiple upon multiple situations in life on many, ,any levels, and can help others learn how to avoid or get out of these bad situations, I am still alive and am going through the process of life with you.

In fact, probably 98% of the help that I might offer people is born out of having received help myself in situations that have taught me about them. Much more than counseling technique, or the degrees on my wall.

Not only that, since I am still alive, I am prone to many of the same mistakes and pitfalls as you are. Yes, I avoid many because I have learned, grown, matured, acquired some wisdom, but I am not impervious to difficulty in relationships, decision making errors, responding poorly to others, etc. If you remember a post a week of so ago, I said being “above reproach” didn’t mean being perfect or that I would never make mistakes. When I do, my response should be in humility and receiving correction or whatever the case requires. In fact I made an innocent mistake in editing a document that I sent to someone, and they called me on it. It really sucked and was embarrassing, but I called the parties involved and talked it through. The couple who were the subjects of the content were not upset at all, but couldn’t believe I would go to the lengths I did to rectify the situation. (Many times after I write a post, God will “test” me in it’s reality. ; >)). )

Henri Nouwen provides us with several quotes that exemplify this reality : “We don’t sit as those who have all the answers, but journey together towards light and liberation.”

“Do we want to get useful information, or do we want to show that someone else is wrong? Do we want to conquer knowledge, or do we want to grow in wisdom?

 “I am learning to trust God’s love and God’s actions and spend less time worrying about things I don’t need to ‘know’. Sometimes it is okay – and good for the soul  – to be left in the dark.” I am more prone to humble myself and accept leadership to help me out of the dark place.

“Why can’t we just be content with not knowing all the answers? After all, if we knew everything God knows, we wouldn’t need God; we would be god.”

Well stated Henri.


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