Growth vs. Comfort

Most of us want to create and stay in a comfort zone almost at all costs. In a previous post I mentioned that especially in America, we create multiple comfort zones to “meet our perceived need” for them.

Much of this stress causing us to think we need these comfort zones may in fact be forms of “coping and hoping.” Ways that we merely “cope” with what’s happening as opposed to actually dealing with whats coming down the pike in our lives. And there will always be something coming down the pike no matter how many comfort zones and coping mechanisms I create.

Even God is used as a coping mechanism, or commonly referred to as a “crutch”. When used in this fashion, indeed, like anything else we devise, God will only be a crutch that can be knocked out from under us. Rather, God teaches us that He will be with us through all the situations that this life will indeed bring, and that we will not be given more than we can handle. When we learn to exercise genuine faith, and develop a genuine, dynamic relationship with God, like David with all his mistakes and enemies, we will not only find the grace that we need to walk through difficulty, but we will have the goods to allow the trial to help us grow.

It will still be uncomfortable, but the un-comfortability, instead of keeping us stuck, or even addicted to comfort and coping mechanisms, can bring the genuine growth and maturity we blamed the trial on for keeping us from getting there!


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