What’s between your Dreams and Goals?

As you can see in the illustration above, setting out to make your dreams a reality can be a daunting proposition. All of these and even more will be there to deter, detour, and even devour you if you’re not traveling that road the right way.

In order to travel that road you will need a few things that will equip you to get where you want to go. In addition, all of those things that are set to take you out, will actually be a help to you as you travel… they will help you “become”. For that to happen you need some essentials:

  • Know your “Why”.
  • Know who you are, (and are becoming).
  • Know your purpose
  • Exercise Faith
  • Realize that whatever is deterring you will strengthen you

When we set out on a path of risk, unknowns, no guarantees, and alot of uncomfortability, if you don’t have these things in place, the enemies are overwhelming. Over 30 years ago when I sold my house, left everything to be an Urban Missionary in New York City Relief, I had no guarantees, at least in the natural realm. What I had was purpose, I knew what God wanted me to do, so I had great faith. I was intimidated, afraid, my friends and family all thought I was crazy, I was like a salmon swimming upstream, you name it. But the reason all the resistance was there was BECAUSE I was doing what I was supposed to be doing!

Who knew all those years ago that God would use me in the lives of thousands of people; the homeless, addicts (like I was), churches, business people, people in general who need leadership and guidance like I did. After 27 years God gave me another “why”, another purpose, another calling. To help thousands of entrepreneurs and others become their genuine selves, become the leaders in their homes, business and communities that they are called to be… to know their “why” and their purpose.

Thank you for giving me the privilege of helping you along the road above, they all are their to help you grow. Your final ingredient: Perseverance… without it the “enemies” on the road will consume you.

BH / Thanks to my friend Alex Czaban for this inspiration.

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