Single, Dating, Marriage and Beyond

Never Graduating 

When I began the journey with Bill, I really didn’t have any idea of where I would end up. As a single man, bachelor, living on my own, there was a ton of “reformatting” that had to be done.  He began to break down my temperaments and how I was allowing myself to be a victim of my natural tendencies, rather than be in control of my life, (or… allowing God access to my life to help give me self-control.)  The results were typical—continual failed relationships. Working with Bill shed light on this and allowed me to really buckle down and make the changes necessary to start to really make lasting changes. That was when God opened the door for me to meet my now wife, Christy-Ann.

As we started dating and getting more serious, I encouraged her to have a session with Bill. She began to dig into her own temperaments and learn about her own strengths and weaknesses. She entered the process alongside me. 

Next, Bill was able to work with BOTH Christy-Ann and myself, as he had intimate knowledge of us individually, and then us as a couple. He was able to alert us of challenges we had brushed under the rug, to avoid future challenges that could be devastating.  Through regular monthly meetings with Bill, separately and together, through conversations, reading, and ‘Billwork’, we got to a point where we could confidently enter into marriage and begin to start a life together as one. (Pre-marital counseling at this stage).

It would be convenient for that to be the end of the story. Instead, we knew that the foundation of marriage begins at, well, the beginning. We dug further into our time with Bill, our reading, our conversations, and continued to grow as a couple.  Now married over a year, we continue to regularly meet with Bill to learn more about ourselves individually and as a couple, and to prepare ourselves for the next stages in our lives together. No sweeping things under the rug. No avoidance or pretending that everything is ok. Instead, facing everything head on and being properly equipped for WHEN the storms come. And instead of pretending to be ok, we can actually be vulnerable and authentic with each other.

We both cannot even conceive of a relationship without this ongoing leadership and mentorship in our marriage. We meet with Bill once a month and look forward to our continued journey to emotional and spiritual health in our marriage.

A big thank you to Marc and Christy-Ann for this testimony. They have been a model couple from the onset, and they continue the journey of growth and maturing as they live out their married life together. Many blessing to you both and thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey!

Marc and Christy-Ann / BH

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