Going to New York!

Grateful for the opportunity to go to New York this weekend and bring strong teaching on temperament as the first in a 12-15 part series on Emotionally Intelligent Leadership. As we know, leadership starts from within and also in the home, and then is translated out in to our business and vocational lives.

Without knowing who you are genuinely, it’s hard to genuinely know your “why”, or your purpose. Without that, vision is not clear in any of the areas, and we can wander, make bad judgement calls, struggle in relationships, etc. Not that there would be anything perfect once we go through this growing process, but our “emotional intelligence quotient” can increase dramatically, we can find inner healing from past hurts, and move forward with greater confidence, freedom, and find true prosperity in our lives; in relationships, business, and every area.

We will have several powerful testimonies of genuine life transformation. Real, genuine stories of people who were struggling deeply in many ways, who have found true, lasting victory in their lives, and stopped settling for “tolerable recovery”, and “coping and hoping”. They stop surviving and start thriving. They stop “striving to reach their potential”, and start walking in their purpose.

Here are comments from a young woman, who after only a handful of appointments, but deep diving into her broken and abusive past, found healing and freedom to discover her genuine self, value, and identity.

“When I say this, I am not exaggerating, ” I am literally a completely different person after forgiving all the people in my life who have ever hurt me and abused me, and forgiving myself for the judgement I held against them all. I am now free to be and become all I was created to be.” -Annon.

Looking forward to seeing you all in New York!


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