Perceptions – What do You Believe?

In the Bible in the book of Proverbs, it says, “As a man believes in his heart, (the deepest place), so he is.”

This is one of the most practical, emotionally and spiritually charged scriptures in the Bible. So many people miss the reality of such passages and many more, as they may unwittingly discount Bible passages as “religious” and not really applicable to their actual life. That’s because our “perception” of God in a multitude of ways has been skewed. We associate things of God with boring church when I was a kid… my parents dragged me to church, hypocrites, stodgy… you name it. These are “perceptions” that we have accrued over time, which in turn have skewed our perceptions in many if not all other areas.

SInce we may reject God’s word in such ways, it won’t allow a genuine , true or accurate perception to be formed. For example, one of the biggest areas in helping people, is they have a very broken perception of who they actually are. And as reflected in the illustration above, all other perceptions are also off. In helping people in counseling, we always begin at “ground zero”… Temperament. It’s how we’re made. From there we can see our strengths and weaknesses and genuine needs. We get “defined” properly. Then we can start the archeology to uncover the brokenness inside from pain , trauma, rejection, resulting in bitterness, unforgiveness and subsequent judgements we make against others and ourselves.

In addition we help you to learn to “take your thoughts captive”, instead of your thoughts taking you captive, and pushing you back into believing things wrongly perceived. This process brings genuine life transformation from the inside out. Then your perceptions can be more clear and accurate. You begin to operate out of that place; making better choices, discovering purpose, being relieved of depression, anger, fear, codependencies, etc.

Look into a process that can bring genuine, lasting change and victory in your life!


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