A genuine hunger and desire for change comes right alongside perseverance as an ingredient for increasing your peace, your freedom, and sense of self worth, and discovering your “why”.

There are even Biblical principals to back this up. “Blessed are the hungry, for they shall be filled.” Not merely with food, but with all the benefits of knowing and trusting God. A hunger for change requires a few things too:

  • Letting go of things you thought were satisfying you. (False Comforts)
  • Being willing to surrender control of your life
  • Caring more about the long term effects of instant gratification keeping you from your goals and even your purpose
  • Exercising faith in a real way so that when your hunger starts to drive you, you become willing to wait for the right things to partake in, rather than settling.
  • Exercising your will to choose. If you continue to choose the things that brought you to wherever you are trying to get away from, you will cycle through familiar patterns creating complacency… when this happens, even your uncomfortable life choice results may seem more palatable than actually changing.

This last point is probably the worst one. The roots of complacency can run deep, especially depending on temperament. Laziness, insecurity, stubbornness, having been hurt, having had failed, family patterns… the list goes on and on.

A genuine hunger that perseveres through the temptation to stay in the “comfort zone”, can bring new life, transformative change and most importantly, reveal purpose in your life.


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