An Uncomfortable Process

Nobody Said it Would Be Easy,… But Make It Worth It

Walking in a lifestyle that impacts the world around you is not like a comfy 9-5 job, All American Dream mentality, “everything’s going my way” life. In fact that doesn’t exist. The Great American Dream lie has been in place for a long time and has promised many from other countries a life of prosperity, wealth, and “happiness”, to the point that people risk their lives to get into this country, ( especially from Mexico – I live in California ).

But what happens when they get here? Unending struggles, rejection, trouble in many different ways. The reality is…”No matter where you go, there you are.” I get it, many areas of the world are poor, making it hard to even survive let alone thrive. My point here is, that when we purely look to externals and geographical cures to answer my “dream”, or to create the life I think I want, it may well be a dead end, as the answer must be found within.

This means we must go through the uncomfortability of a process that will help us “get there”, and more importantly to discover our “why”, or purpose.

  • My friend Pastor Julie Signorelli recently put it this way:
  • Process with progress empowers you to love every version of yourself
  • Progress shifts our perception of process
  • A process without any progress is a cycle
  • Progress with progress produces grace
  • Process with progress produces momentum 
  • Process with progress produces contentment 

Ahhhh…. contentment. When you learn to walk in your purpose and stop striving to reach your potential, you will be content. Not satisfied completely, because there’s more, but content. We have a tendency not to grow in comfort. We grow in adversity. We have to learn to embrace the struggle, it’s a big part of life. If you keep striving to stay in the comfort zone, you may well be stunting your own growth.

BH/ Contribution: Julie Signorelli

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