Self Loathing

If you remember Jim Carey’s character “The Grinch”, he comedically referred to his booked time for self loathing. It’s really funny in the movie, but the Grinch was really a lonely, hurt rejected “grinch” who was out cast from “Whoville”. When he was was a younger grinch, a few things happened that caused him to leave the community of “Whoville.”

He was rejected by other young “who’s” because he was hairy and green. He didn’t fit in with the cookie cutter image of what a “normal” who looked like. There was an incident one Christmas that changed his life forever.

Grinch had a bit of a crush on young Martha May Who. So, he decided to get into the Christmas spirit and make her a gift from his heart; a beautiful angel for the top of her tree. The day before he was to present the gift, he was taunted and made fun of for his hairy appearance by the future mayor of Whoville. He told him “you don’t stand a chance with her because you are only eight years old and have a beard.”

In an attempt to change his appearance, he tried to shave, and cut his face up, leaving him full of cuts and scrapes which he patched with pieces of tissue. The next day at school he brought the gift made of things precious to him, and presented it to Martha, with a bag over his head, hiding his patched up cuts.

The teacher asked him to take off his bag, and the entire class laughed at him. He threw his gift across the room, exclaiming, “I HATE CHRISTMAS!”

He ran up the mountain, (Mount Crumpit), where he stayed secluded for years and years. Until one day young Cindy Lou Who, decided to research the Grinch. She got to the bottom of what happened to him that Christmas, and why he chose to live secluded and alone. She challenged her fellow Who’s in their thinking of their definition of Christmas, and invited Grinch to be Whoville Holiday Cheermeister.

After being reminded of his traumatic Christmas event as a child, he once again secluded himself to Mt. Crumpit, to devise a plan to punish the Whos. To make a long story short, after stealing all the presents, he found himself once again alone on the mountain, but heard a song echoing from down in Whoville. He fell to the ground, and his heart grew 3 sizes that day. He found himself once again among the who’s, and apologized, (forgave), and was reunited with the Who community.

Moral of this story: Childhood trauma, rejection, abandonment, caused isolation, ultimately leading to self loathing and self hatred, as well as hatred for others, and a desire for revenge. It took an act of kindness from an innocent child, to restore his heart and restore him to his family community. When we surrender our unforgiveness and resentments, we can allow our hearts to be healed, and set us free to love and be loved in a free and genuine way.

Let’s not follow the Grinch’s pathway to self loathing, but rather choose forgiveness before the trauma we have experienced in life causes similar results in us.

BH/Rebekah Hoffman

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