What’s YOUR Qualification?

We are all broken one way or another. That’s not the issue. The issue is will I allow my brokenness to be healed and transformed, where it then becomes my qualification.

But qualification for what?

Steven Furtick writes this in his book, (Un)Qualified:

Am I unqualified? I’ve been asking myself that question my whole life. And maybe you have too. When I started the journey that lies behind this book, I wanted to finally figure out how to respond to that question within myself. I wondered if the whispers of doubt that regularly rattle through my head are inner demons to be ignored—or warning bells to be heeded. If I should shoulder my responsibilities with confidence in my calling —or panic and hide before I mess everything up.

At one point or another, you’ve probably felt unqualified.

I think we all secretly fight feelings of inadequacy, insufficiency, and incompetence. We wonder whether we really measure up. We fear we are not “enough”—whatever that means in our particular situations. Maybe it’s in your character. There is a flaw, a crack, a deficiency that you try your hardest to hide. It could be lust. It could be anger. It could be addiction. Even if it’s in the past, you may live in secret fear that one day it will come back in fury and destroy everything you are building. Maybe it’s in your role as a parent. At the workplace you have everything under control. You can buy and sell and trade with the best of them. But your home life is another story. You have no idea how to raise your teenager, and you are feeling dangerously unprepared.

You are supposed to be a leader, a decision maker, a risk taker. But your track record is far from spotless. And the thought of putting yourself out there is petrifying. What if you fail? And what if your failures shipwreck others along the way? Many people live their entire lives fighting these contradictions. They deal constantly with voices in their heads telling them that they don’t qualify, that they will never qualify, that they are totally, epically disqualified.

It’s about understanding who we really are now in order to be who we are capable of becoming. It’s about ruthlessly peeling back the prejudices and assumptions we’ve made about ourselves. It’s about letting God be our source of sufficiency (and qualification). I have good news. If you look at the great men and women of Scripture, you find one common denominator: they were all unqualified. God has a habit of picking people who have been passed over.

Have you ever thought about who—or what—truly has the ability to qualify you? Who has the ultimate right to determine if you are a success or a failure? Of course the answer is God. He is our qualifier and He usually uses our brokenness to accomplish it.”

He transforms the failures, messes, addictions, weaknesses and every other broken area of our lives into victory, (if we let Him), thus qualifying us to be used in the same areas of failure. How? As Steven says above; we have to understand who we are NOW so that we can be eligible to BECOME who we really are.

Stay tuned for part 2 Tomorrow!

BH/ Steven Furtick – (Un)Qualified

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