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7 Steps to Renewing

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The Apostle Paul said in Romans 12:2 that we are transformed by the renewing of the mind. Many of us think that once our life is transformed in some way, then our mind will be renewed automatically. It is actually the other way around. When we were born, most of us came out of the womb, and into this world, head first. If you want to come out of unpleasant circumstances, limitation in career, stagnation in your ministry, your head has to come out first. Where your mind goes, your life follows. As a man thinks in his heart, so he is.

Here are some steps to renewing your mind.

Step 1. Stop waiting for an outside “miracle” to change your mind. Most of those “miracles” will never come until you get rid of the chaos in your mind by filling it with Truth. Renewing of the mind will never work if someone believes this excuse, “The reason why my mind is so negative is because my life is so hard.” Have you ever thought that maybe the reason your life is so hard is because your mind is so negative and constantly believing lies? You cannot have miracles in your life, regularly, if your mind is a mess.

Step 2. Stop believing that you can’t control your thoughts. The second lie that must be dealt with is, “I cannot control my thoughts, they control me.” This is simply not true. Again, “as a man believes…” means we choose what we are going to believe.

It is pretty clear that you are expected, even by God to choose your thoughts, not let your thoughts always be chosen by something else. How do we do this practically? It is true that we get attacked in our minds, because our minds are a battlefield, not a playground. As we begin to take our thoughts captive, we can gain victory over destructive thought patterns that keep us cycling.

Step 3. What you feed your mind with becomes a mindset. A mindset is impossible to change without changing what your mind is filled with. Typically, when we hear the truth about breaking strongholds or renewing of the mind, we get busy trying to change our mindsets. We quickly learn that it is not an easy task. A “mindset”, is a “stronghold.” It holds you strongly in a thinking process that dictates even who you are. If you remain a victim to your own thought life, you are the only one responsible.

The only way to change your default and automatic thinking is by filling your conscious mind with new information of God’s truth. Once the conscious mind is filled regularly with Truth, it displaces all the lies we have been believing and dismantles those strongholds!

Step 4. Speak what you believe, and know to be True, not what you feel. We possess what we confess. We possess what we regularly believe in. When you regularly confess only what you feel and see, you are hurting your faith and not helping negative thoughts to leave, in fact you keep making room for them.

Don’t speak what you feel all the time, otherwise your mind can’t change. Learn to speak Truth instead. What does that mean? Well, God says we can do all things through Him strengthening me. If my mind tells me I can’t do something because I have always had self limiting beliefs, I need to believe Truth over the lies I have always believed.

Step 5. Resist negative thoughts, assist positive thoughts. Positive thoughts are not going to stay automatically as they are new to your thinking patterns, they need to be assisted. Negative thoughts are not going to leave automatically, they need to be resisted.We must assist the process by taking our thoughts captive regularly. And not only some of them… all of them. You may think it’s impossible and it is, unless we allow God to help us. People ask me, how does God help me? Ask Him… it’s His will that we do it. He will help you as you stay connected with Him in a vital way.

You cannot stop birds from flying over your head, but you can stop them from building a nest in your hair. Bad thoughts come, but do not have to stay if we speak against them, and take them captive to the Truth.

Step 6. Celebrate the process. It is going to take time to see change in your mind. It’s a process like anything else. You will experience small victories as you begin to practice this daily. I know in my experience, it thrilled me to see the results of taking my thoughts captive. A familiar thought would come, I would say to myself, “wait a minute… why am I believing this? It’s not true! I would replace the thought with a truth. (Alot of them were old scripts of disqualification).

Also, the Devil will try to mess up the process of your mind renewal by making you compare your progress with someone else. (As well as a multitude of other tactics).

You are complete. You do not need to compare yourself to others. Comparing leads to complaining. Complaining can lead to judgement, anger, envy, etc. If your neighbor’s lawn looks greener than yours, start watering your own lawn. Be the best version of you the world has ever seen. There is only one you and you can uniquely contribute to the world around you. And don’t forget, “process with progress” allows you to love EVERY version of yourself.

Step 7. Expect miracles. Expecting something good to happen is a choice. Expecting victory even in rough circumstances is a choice. It is an act of our faith and a choice of the will. A person with a renewed mind has positive expectations in the forefront of their mind. Do not let your imagination create an image in which things will go bad for you, such as things worsening, relationships breaking, business failing, etc. Replace those negative imaginations with Truth: “I can do all things…”. One of my favorite words is “Nevertheless”. We need a “nevertheless” to persevere through life’s challenging trials. “It really looks bad right now, but , nevertheless, I will go through this to victory eventually. I will trust God…

Some people wake up in the morning with a feeling that something bad is going to happen to them that day. If that happens to you, it is likely the Devil. Go back to bed and wake up again until you have a positive feeling that God is good and He plans good things. And that even if something bad or challenging happens, that you have a nevertheless to bring your mind and heart into alignment with the Truth so you can find the grace and strength to persevere!

Does this mean we will never have bad days? No! But we will not live expecting them, and we will learn to persevere through them!

Source: V. Savchuk/BH

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