Healing Sexual Brokenness

Sexual Brokenness is an issue that is more prevalent than you would ever imagine. It’s not that it’s new to society, it’s always been there. But back in the day, it was taboo to talk about such issues. Rape was an embarrassment, pregnancy in teens was covered up, and there was much more of a tendency than today to place blame on the woman, (in issues of offences towards women.)

In my experience in today’s world, the propensity to engage in sexual activity has been trivialized, as in “friends with benefits”. In youth and young adult circles, sex is accepted as a normal way of life.

The problem is, in these settings, along with drugs and alcohol, and the immaturity and lack of moral compass, rape for example, can happen and not be recognized as rape. People can be talked into orgy’s who would never have elected to engage in such a thing due to the acceptance of sexual behaviour and it’s diminished value, as well as pressure to fit in and be a part of. This is demonstrated in FOMO. This in addition to other acronyms, were never even thought of 20-30 years ago.

In our quest to be accepted, we will do almost anything, unaware that guilt and shame are lurking right around the corner. Since we were not created to live this way, it’s inevitable. But God, in allowing us to experience guilt and shame, is not condemning us. He is actually broken hearted on our behalf, and desires us to find healing and freedom… the freedom to be and become who He always intended. We may wonder why. Why would God love me? After I have allowed myself to be abused and even abuse others in this way?

Indeed, His mercy extends to the broken. In fact, His word tells us “He is closest to the brokenhearted.” Please seek help if this is you. Your brokenness is NOT your disqualification, but actually qualifies you for freedom, producing healing… healing to have a healthy, restored sexual life, they way God intended. This is found in marriage. I understand not everyone adheres to this belief, I understand… to many this is old fashioned, stodgy, and maybe even viewed as religious law.

In my experience, by the time I have people come to me for counseling, whether they are believers or not, have some degree of regret, shame and guilt over their sexual past. Again, God offers good news to the broken hearted one who comes to Him to find welcoming arms of healing love.

BH/ . Resource: “Unwanted” by Jay Stringer

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