Heart Condition

The Results of Weak Heart Muscles

The way we do life reveals that many of our spiritual heart muscles have not been exercised. It shows up in a variety of areas: 

  • We go through the motions week after week and become content with no passionate heart connection. 
  • When trials and challenges hit us like a flood, there is little reservoir to draw from. 
  • Life becomes passive, where we coast through and deal with very few issues of the heart. 
  • We know our relationship with God needs an adjustment, but we don’t know what to do about it. 
  • There are areas of your marriage that need work, but you put off doing anything about it. You choose to not ask your spouse how they’re doing, because their answer will call for you to invest more into the marriage. So, you put it off. Besides, the favorite show is about to come on television anyway. 
  • You’ve been told that there are some wounds in your life you should address, but you defend and find ways to skirt away from those subjects. 
  • You have a friend that you need to have a heart to heart conversation with, but you never do. So, the friendship just slowly dies. 
  • You feel yourself drawn to certain addictions and you feel guilty about it. But you haven’t allowed yourself to see what’s going on in your heart that makes you drawn to those things in the first place. 
  • You are burned out, but you’ve come to the conclusion that you’ll always be in this vicious cycle. 

Recognizing Your Brokenness

Could it be that we are carrying unhealed areas in our heart that serve to increase pressure, negativity, burden-filled living and discouragement? Have you been ignoring broken areas of your heart with constant busyness or a distracted life?  Spending, porn, drinking, recreational drugs, affairs, and other destructive addictive behaviors become an option?

We’re not saying you are a constant mess. Most people can “function” in many areas of their life, while pushing down pain, emptiness and grief. Anytime these areas get triggered, we run and hide, often diving head-first into another distraction. All to keep us from healing that which needs attention. 

When someone has a physical wound, it’s easy for most to recognize the need for medical attention, care and recovery. But we often lack radar or awareness for the spiritual and emotional wounds we have. 

The Symptoms of a Broken Heart

Many are experiencing these common symptoms of having a broken heart: 

  1. Mood changes.
  2. Depression, unhealed discouragement.
  3. Chronic anxiety, panic attacks.
  4. Numbing out, relational coldness, not being able to connect to feelings.
  5. Relational isolation and loneliness.
  6. Cynicism and constant distrust. 
  7. Vulnerability to addictions.
  8. Chronic workaholism, busyness and performance-based living.
  9. Confusion, double mindedness and scattered living.
  10. Burnout and overstressed living.
  11. Anger episodes that at times, seem to come out of nowhere.

The list can go on and on. 

Moving Past Denial 

Most people do not think they have a broken heart. They shrug their shoulders in denial and brush off any need to address life experiences. We can often say “the past is the past” more in a protective form of denial than a fruitful belief. Therefore unforgiveness and judgements are allowed a place in our hearts to fester.

“The past can really be the past” when we allow God to process the life of our heart in a healthy manner. 

Others don’t think heart healing is necessary. They can stack platitudes or cliché statements to cover over any need to deal with their brokenness. Yet it still oozes out into their relationship field. 

The problem is that we typically don’t deal with brokenness until the garbage hits the fan or a crisis appears. At this point, the crisis is often revealing years of neglect to issues of the broken heart. 

Will you make the decision today to move into a new direction that awakens and heals your heart? Seek the help you need to live the live you were created to live!

BH/ Adapted Mark DeJesus

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