Pursuit – Progress – Purpose

The quote above says it all.

So often as I work with motivated entrepreneurs, destination orientation becomes a tempting paradigm to settle in on. Therein problems arise. Since our pursuit is a destination, like “financial freedom”, or “success” of some kind, it’s easy to be destination driven, instead of purpose driven.

What’s the difference?

The illustration below gives us some understanding…

Purpose is the Core Value

So often, people pursue their talents, passions, skills and expertise, and even values; but go off the path because they never find their purpose in pursuing these things, as important as they are. T. Austin Sparks said, “You can’t reach the center from the circumference.” You start at the center and work your way out.

You start with the pursuit of your “why” or your purpose. As an example, part of my purpose is to make disciples. Those who not only know God, but will also grow, establish their own purpose, and go and do the same. In my work in business, it translates this way… develop leaders from the inside out, so they can discover their purpose. So do we develop leaders to merely be successful, or so that they can develop other great leaders?

As Jack Welch said in yesterday’s post, “Before you are a leader, success, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” When you walk, or operate in your purpose, your talents emerge, values and passions manifest to help you accomplish your purpose, and your skills and expertise are utilized to bring you to greater and greater opportunities to fulfill your purpose, and know your why. All the other goals will happen along the way.

Proverbs 18:16 “A man’s gifts make room for him.”


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