What’s Your Calling?

We spend alot of time and effort bringing the reality to light, that you are not what you do; at least it shouldn’t be that way. If it is that way, you are being defined by the outside in. It aught to be from the inside out.

In Proverbs 4:23 we are told to guard our hearts with diligence, as out of the hearts springs the issues of life. Things that happen around us, to us, from us all should be filtered through our inner most being. But much of our efforts are simply trying to lay over top, the things that are supposed to flow from within. That’s why we get so lost in finding our way. We don’t invest in the deeper place where it is generated from.

Start at the Center

I posted this in a previous post. These areas of talents, values, passions and skills and expertise all should be flowing out of me understanding and KNOWING my calling and purpose. We will take many, many roads to arrive there, and many of them will be difficult… some as childbirth; birthing the real you as the outer man is peeled away through the circumstances, failures, troubles, disappointments of life.

All of these things will hopefully bring us to the “end of ourselves”, or “wits end”, so that we surrender our own way and tune in to God’s will for my life. Trouble is, that when we are getting ready to hit the end, we start playing “Stayin’ Alive” in our heads. We fight to win, but many times the wrong battles. Many times we keep fighting through a futile pursuit, demanding I win, when I am actually destined to lose, so I can discover more of WHO I really am.

My life if such a story. Listen to this quote from my friend, author Brennan Manning; “The lives of those fully engaged in the human struggle will be riddled with bullet holes… Wounds are necessary. The soul has to be wounded. To think that the natural and proper state is to be without wounds is an illusion. Those who wear bulletproof vests protecting themselves from failure, shipwreck, and heartbreak will never know what love is.  (Adapted – Abba’a Child, Brennan Manning)

We are so indoctrinated into “Destination Orientation”, we lose sight of the journey, and who we are designed to become in the journey. We just want to “get through the problem as fast as possible – and just get one with it.” To which I reply, “What exactly is it you are “getting on with”?”

Matthew 10:39 (The Message)

“If your first concern is to look after yourself, you’ll never find yourself. But if you forget about yourself and look to me, you’ll find both yourself and Me.


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